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The  Informed Consent is required for the following treatments:



Stoma surgery


Periodontal Treatments

(Gingivectomy, Gingivoplastics )


The aim of every implantology dentist is to replace the teeth in the way that the patient is fully content. Our approach to this is to ensure the surgery is for a patient painless, the least traumatized and intrusive experience. It is possible to be performed with total or local anesthesia according to the patient’s choice.

Esthetic stomatology

Technology and advances in the development of materials enable universal application fotokompozitních aesthetic fillings. Today we can offer indistinguishable from natural teeth fillings. This is the latest metalloceramics and ceramic design.


Smile was always attractive. Today is clean, lily-white teeth, not only our business card, but also one of the general characteristics of healthy lifestyles. The entire procedure takes about an hour and is completely painless

LASER stoma treatments

In this area are broad indications of the use of laser. The main advantage is nekrvácivost and rapid wound healing. The most common procedures are the removal of frenulum sculpture or gums. The clinic works with KaVo Key Laser. This laser is currently the most commonly used and scientifically proven.


Patented automatic exposure control ensures superb image quality. Moreover, just because time is short expozičnímu picture was taken in a high-quality HD.


High quality 3D image with minimal noise. Our 3D images with high resolution are great for planning and training procedures for implantology endononcii, periodontics, orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery.

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